Our Design Methodology

We possess a team of creative and highly talented designers.



The importance of identifying the end goal of the website to be created at the inception cannot be over emphasized. At Bromlays, we evaluate the ideas of major stake holders as well as survey potential end users of the website. This is arguably the most important part of any Web Design Process as it will help navigate the design process in the right direction throughout the course of the project. Competitor research as well as a well-grounded understanding of the target audience is also of utmost importance. Our carefully crafted client questionnaire will help us to understand your priorities and high-level requirements for the project.


Defining the scope of the project at the outset is very important; otherwise, it could be very difficult to do so in the future. The client usually sets out with one goal in mind, but many times, it gradually expands or changes altogether during design process. We strive to clearly understand the overall scope of the project, work within the project boundaries and provide you with a high-level project plan that fits the scope, budget and timeline.




Building a Website without a sitemap is tantamount to constructing a house without a blueprint; we obviously know how that would end. A Sitemap paints a lucid picture of the website structure. It helps give a clear idea of both design and information architecture and explains the relationship between the various pages and content elements.


Wireframes affords a framework for storing the website’s visual design and content elements. Though the wireframe does not contain any final design elements, it does serve as a guide on the ultimate appearance of the website. First class tools available for the creation of wireframes that we utilize include: Axure, Balsamiq, Webflow etc.




A top-notch visual design (User Interface) is essential for aesthetically communicating and appealing to the perception of the website users. It is all about getting noticed; beautiful design, easy to use UI! This part of the design process is often shaped by existing elements, color choices, logos etc. as stipulated by the client. And this is the phase where our glamorous web designers get to showcase their professionalism.